Francesco Licata Artist fashion photographer,

About Francesco Licata Artist fashion photographer,

“In the dynamic tapestry of art and haute couture, Francesco Licata’s journey unfolds as a symphony of unbridled creativity and profound expertise. Over the course of three captivating decades, Francesco has emerged as a celebrated and recognized professional artist photographer in the realms of Film Direction, Art Direction, and Fashion Photography.


In the electrifying dawn of 1999, he embarked on a whirlwind odyssey, establishing his inaugural studio amidst the bustling heart of Brooklyn, New York. This pivotal chapter marked the birth of an extraordinary voyage that catapulted him into the starlit realm of the fashion photography cosmos.

Francesco Licata Artist fashion photographer.

Today, Francesco’s visionary spirit surges at the forefront of a continuously unfolding fashion landscape. Each project, lovingly curated at his behest, radiates the spirit of a true artistic connoisseur. His expansive portfolio, a living canvas painted with the vivid hues of creative brilliance, is an effervescent testament to his artistic prowess.

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Francesco’s odyssey crescendoed to exhilarating heights when his name graced the sacred covers of renowned publications like Elle magazine. Following this resplendent achievement, his revolutionary Buffalo Jeans campaign discovered its vivid haven in the pulsating heart of Times Square, New York—a global crossroads where dreams are woven into a vibrant tapestry of modernity and culture.

Francesco Licata Artist fashion photographer

Adding a contemporary dimension to this vibrant tale, Francesco’s tenure as an assistant to legends of the fashion world becomes the ink that writes his ever-evolving narrative. From the hallowed names of Richard Avedon, Duane Michals, Elliott Erwitt, and Steven Klein to the maestros like Steve McCurry, Michael Thompson, Fabrizio Ferri, and Giovanni Gastel, Francesco’s journey as both freelancer and devotee breathes life into his artistic odyssey. In their wisdom, he finds the kaleidoscope of inspiration that paints the canvases of his life as a modern-day photographer, an art aficionado, and an unceasing visionary.”