Francesco Licata has been a film director and fashion photographer for over 25 years and currently lives between Milan, New York and Los Angeles.

He has shot films and promotional videos for various international Fashion Brand specializes in lingerie, beachwear and beauty.

His promotional videos have been featured on television and major social media such as Youtube Fashion client channel Official brand website.

His photos have been published internationally in magazines like Elle, Genlux, GQ, Vogue Casa, Sleek, Paguyc, Oyster, Zink, Zoom on fashion trends, A magazine, Composure, Uomo Collezioni, Rock Star, Book Fashion, Glitter, Posh, White, Style, Hen to name a few.

His images for advertising campaigns have appeared in Vogue Italia, Marie Claire, Elle, Nylon, Vogue Sposa, Book Fashion, Style, among others.